Supporting Jewish communities through technology and innovation


Supporting Jewish communities through technology and innovation

JTech Foundation

About Us

JTech Foundation was created in 2019 by a group of experienced IT and business professionals. Its aim is to address the growing need for the modernization of Jewish communities and institutions by increasing their technological capacities and digital infrastructure.

JTech contributes to the preservation of Jewish self-identity and communal activity by utilizing the latest technological solutions and developing new tools. Especially in areas where development of communities is on the wane or is beset societal, demographic, and generational challenges.


Our Mission

JTech’s mission is to strengthen the IT capacity and technical know-how of Jewish communal institutions. We help institutions and leaders develop and grow their organizational efficiency; engage their membership; increase awareness of opportunities for participation and enhance their communication strategies.

Wherever a Jewish community is in need, we are there to help.


What We Do

The technological and information revolution is a significant challenge for many modern Jewish communities and communal institutions, particularly when a lack of critical IT resources and digital infrastructure is at play. If such challenges are not addressed effectively enough even a thriving, connected, informed, and empowered community can quickly become disconnected and stagnated.

To address this challenge, JTech Foundation works directly with Jewish communal institutions. We build and deploy modern administrative tools and communication channels to support their mission and enhance membership engagement and participation.

Our Projects

Web Portal, Crowdsourcing, & Social Media

  • An online internet presence is a necessity for any organization whose objective is to promote its identity and activities to a core audience. In today’s modern marketplace, however, an online presence is not limited solely to a website, but is a complex, interactive, and dynamic organism requiring efficient content creation and advanced distribution mechanisms. Dedicated marketing and advertising technologies must also be applied in order to deliver targeted messages, compete for attention, and effectively engage community members.
  • JTech provides a full suite of online services, ranging from website development and optimization, target audience identification and content development, social media marketing strategies, and proprietary crowdsourcing techniques — all sensitively tailored and specifically customized to the particular community’s unique needs, objectives, and operating environment.

Relationship Management Systems

  • Any institution whose community membership is their primary constituency and source of funding must have access to the latest IT tools for understanding and engaging its core audience. These include database management instruments, tracking systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and know-how, and integrated communication platforms.
  • JTech develops and provides proprietary technologies to support institutions’ internal organizational structures as well as external engagement strategies. We develop seamless and complementary CRM systems to empower institutional leadership to deliver on its agenda and convey messages to members — all aimed at leveraging robust community input, participation, and engagement.

Financial Accounting Software

  • Financial transparency, accountability, expense distribution, and tracking are necessities for any nonprofit organization that both procures and distributes financial support to its membership.
  • JTech provides modern accounting software products and comprehensive on-site training for communities and leaders to help manage their financials. We help communities operationalize cutting-edge standards and proven business processes translating into institutional efficiency, fiscal transparency, data protection standards, and real-time reporting. Morevoer, JTech’s proprietary software integrates with major donor databases and is preconfigured for receiving various forms of donations, aid tracking, and distribution channels.

Crowdfunding Mechanisms

  • The mitzvah of tzedakah is a galvanizing tradition and core function of every thriving Jewish community. In today’s modern age, opportunities to provide financial contribution and other types of supports for those in need can achieve new levels of visibility, engagement, and scalability when leveraged by modern technological support structures.
  • JTech provides a uniquely tailored online crowdfunding platform for communities to ensure its members have easily accessible, transparent, and customizable opportunities for tzedakah and supporting those in need.

Resting Places Preservation

  • Reverence for ancestors and grave sites has been a constant throughout Jewish history. In the jet age, however, the opportunity to visit and take care of resting places is often best by geographic and other challenges. Moreover, due to historical reasons, Jewish cemeteries may be at risk of neglect, disrepair, and ignorance by the wider non-Jewish community.
  • JTech provides direct access — from anywhere in the world — to cemetery and grave site care and support services within the strict bounds of Halachah and Jewish tradition. Our trained professionals help families and individuals find reassurance and peace of mind by providing all related supports, including grave care and restoration, resting place indexation, and management technology.


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JTech Foundation Leadership

Alex Weinstein
Co-Founder, JTech Foundation

Alex Weinstein is the founder and chairman of Dyninno Group (short for “Dynamic Innovations”), the privately held global company he started in San Francisco, California. Born in Moldova and raised in California, Alex believes that the vibrancy of Jewish communities can be greatly enhanced by technology, process automation, and IT tool development.

Lev Levitsky
Managing Director, JTech Foundation

Dmitry Tsymber
Co-Founder, JTech Foundation



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