JTech Foundation was created by a group of IT business professionals to address the growing need of Jewish communities worldwide to modernize, while also preserving Jewish self-identity in times when the number of active members decreases and communities’ format changes. By utilizing the latest technological solutions and tools, as well as professional and business experience of its founders and board-members, JTech makes communities’ work more efficient; engages more members to participate in its activities, and overall makes its agenda more understandable and comprehensible to young generations.

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If you have any questions or need help with any of the tools and resources below email us at info@jtechglobal.org

Our website is coming soon

Tools and Resources:

  • Web Portal, Crowd-Sourcing, and Social Media Platform

    Online presence is an ultimate necessity for any organization whose objective is to transmit its position on various topics and issues to its core audience. Today online presence is not limited to a website, it’s a complex, interactive and dynamic organism that requires efficient content creation and distribution mechanisms. Latest marketing and advertising technologies must be applied in order to deliver its message to the audience, to compete for attention and to effectively engage current and potential community members.

  • Member Management Tools

    Knowing its members is a key for any community. Uniting, keeping track and history, effectively communicating, informing, and interacting are main objectives of the community. With JTech proprietary internal and external technologies, a community leadership will be able to deliver its agenda and its messages more efficiently while members will be able to partake action and become a part of the process.

  • Accounting software

    Financial transparency, accountability, expense distribution and tracking is a must-have for any non-profit organization that procures and distributes financial aid to some of its members. JTech accounting software provides a standardized mechanism for the communities to accomplish the above tasks with business efficiency. Its integrated with major donors, as well as preconfigured for receiving various forms of donations, aid tracking and distribution. Another aspect of the accounting software is a full fiscal transparency and real-time reporting. Furthermore, JTech software was created in accordance with the latest data protection standards to ensure the inviolability of all collected and processed information.

  • Crowd-funding Mechanism

    Essential part of being a member in a community is to be able to contribute. Contributions can be public or private, flat or selective, one-time or multiple. JTech provides crowd-funding platform for communities to ensure its members have customizable contribution options. All contributions (private or public) could be configured to work transparently and in real-time.

  • Resting places indexation

    Just as young generation of community members becomes more active and involved in the communities life, the older generation passes. JTech resting place indexation and management technology provides an efficient way to pay respect to the past.

JTech do not control or limit the use of its tools and software, so they can be applied to serve the needs of each specific community in any way that is chosen by community leaders.